Sophie Bloemen

Sophie Bloemen. Sophie Bloemen is a Dutch national working as an independent advisor to civil society organisations in the field of intellectual property and access to medicines & knowledge. She is currently strategic advisor to Health Action International (HAI) Europe on their Access to Medicines, Trade and Essential Innovations projects. In her work she has focused on the EU Trade and innovation Agenda and global developments at the WHO on Public Health and Innovation. Sophie is a member of the Executive Committee of the Latin American & Caribbean-Global Alliance for Access to Medicines (Alianza LAC-Global), a network of South American and international health NGOs. She has travelled extensively to Latin America working in a coalition of civil society to monitor and advocate around trade negotiations and other access to medicines strategies in the region. Previously she worked as a project officer for Health Action International (HAI) Europe in the Netherlands and as trainee for the European Commission. Sophie obtained an MA in Philosophy and an MSc in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam and an MSc in European Political Economy from the London School of Economics. She has written several papers and articles on access to medicines, intellectual property and innovation.